Steve is a gifted educator and practitioner with a broad knowledge base that spans the gamut from natural building to city planning to group dynamics to permaculture design.  He was instrumental in launching our first PDC at Colby-Sawyer, and those classes helped build the foundation for our own organic permaculture garden and GreenROUTES Sustainable Living Laboratory on campus.  He has the ability to clearly communicate complex material to a wide variety of audiences and make it relevant, engaging and understandable.  Steve's work skillfully integrates ecologically-minded design principles and practices into traditional infrastructures and policies to create resilient, regenerative human systems.

Jennifer White - Director of Sustainability, Colby Sawyer College, New London, NH

Steve has been a huge asset to the projects he has worked on for the City of Dover. His personality is tailor made for public interaction/facilitation. He has a natural way about him where people want to join him in solving a problem and want to be part of the process. I have seen Steve take a group of people who might be more "frenemy" at the beginning of a meeting and help them become friends at the end of the same meeting.  Almost as important, unlike many planning consultants who might be "jacks of all trades, master of none", Steve is a master of his areas of expertise. His knowledge of resiliency and permaculture is extensive and his ability to share that knowledge with you and anyone else within earshot is enviable and a much needed resource for any project.

Christopher G. Parker, AICP - Director of Planning and Community Development, City of Dover, NH

Steve has been to our high school several times to talk about Permaculture with our teachers and Eco Club students.  Our students were so inspired by Steve and what he is doing that they decided they wanted to build a greenhouse like Steve's to use as a learning environment and teaching space.  The Eco Club is writing grants and working with the high school construction and design classes to build the greenhouse next year.  Steve's passion for Permaculture really made an impact on our students teachers and will benefit our school for years to come.

Leslie Stevens - Chair, Portsmouth School Board
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