Staff members from the local community at Africa Amini Maasai Lodge.

In 2011 I began working with Food Water Shelter on the creation of a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) to be hosted in Arusha Tanzania. Our third successful PDC offering in English just finished on Friday June 6th. The success of these offerings has been due to strong partnerships with ECHO, PRI Kenya, and other partners in the region. Now we are seeing the emergence of a strong Permaculture community in East Africa that includes demonstration sites and talented teachers. This years course was especially significant to me because I was teaching with Franko Green. In 2012 Franko was a student in our first course offering and since that time he has masterfully created several demonstration sites while building his skills to become a powerful teacher as well.

Teaching Forest garden design and implementation.

Franko teaching forest garden design and implementation.

As the Permaculture movement in this region continues to grow I look forward to supporting the many people doing this important work. We are a network of professionals connected worldwide and it is inspiring to see the creation of regional solutions that address the needs of humans and their surrounding ecosystems.