As the waTactical Urbanism Montreal open streets planning permaculturerm weather begins and summer approaches there are some amazing opportunities for communities to take back their streets! This image is from Montreal in the summer of 2013 and shows the potential to convert existing parking spots to parks, patios, and other uses that capitalize on existing underutilized spaces. Plus they are portable and can be shared! This strategy is one of many that fall under an exciting approach called tactical urbanism. Tactical urbanism examples have been nicely highlighted in Tactical Urbanism 2. The examples highlighted allow for limited use of streets and plazas for building community connections, interesting techniques for trialing larger changes, and tools for supporting the local economy. Some of the other techniques for communities to consider include open streets, popup town hall, intersection repair, and micro-mixing of businesses. Get creative, take bold chances as a community, and work together to make a more resilient future possible!