Open Space Planning

Understanding the Value and Potential of our Green Infrastructure to Support Quality of Life and Ecosystem Health


Open Space Plan

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

In 2018 the City of Portsmouth hired Resilience Planning & Design to develop an Open Space Plan. Early on in the process it was decided that this plan would help stakeholders in the City understand the value and potential of the green infrastructure to support quality of life and make the community more resilient. The parcels of land that compose this network of green infrastructure provide a diversity of ecosystem services from flood storage and habitat to food production and recreation. Over time this network will be recognized for the natural capital it provides as well as the role it plays in supporting non-motorized transportation and other critical services.

Moose Mountains Regional Greenways Strategic Conservation Plan

GreenFire GIS and Resilience Planning and Design collaborated to serve the Moose Mountains Regional Greenways and local communities on the creation of a regional conservation plan. An inventory of natural resources and development trends, stakeholder and public engagement, and a co-occurrence mapping analysis contributed to the formation of regional conservation priorities. This effort took approximately a year to complete and included extensive outreach and engagement. The resulting plan and conservation priorities were informed and are now being communicated through many map products. Wolfeboro related data was collected and reviewed during this process and our team is now using this data to inform the Wolfeboro’s master plan update.

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