Permaculture Design

Developing Approaches To Create Regenerative Landscapes


Holistic Landscape Design

Permaculture is a method of holistic landscape design that can be used to create a more sustainable, resilience way of living. The permaculture approach seeks to work with nature, instead of against it, utilizing ecological principles found in natural systems to design human environments. Both Steve and Liz practice permaculture design in their professional and personal lives.


Permaculture Education

Steve has been teaching permaculture for over ten years and, most recently, is teaching a college level Permaculture Design course at Plymouth State University. Liz earned her Permaculture Teacher’s certificate in 2014 and has been part of PDC teaching teams in New Hampshire. RP&D offers a range of permaculture education services including teaching or guest teaching full Permaculture Design Certification courses, coordinating design charettes for specific properties or areas of a community, and leading permaculture education workshops.


“I have worked with Resilience Planning & Design collaboratively for years, first in planning and now in ecological education and design. I always enjoy working with them because they are so passionate and deeply committed to this important work. They have a way of sharing so much knowledge and yet keeping it light and fun. I often hear people comment on how inspired they are by their work and dedication. I am one of those people.”

Stacey Doll, Root to Rise

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